Ooooo the dreaded info page… THIS is the part where I’m suppose to make you fall in love with me in a paragraph..… But truth is I’m kinda quirky, goofy, an energy junkie and I have a horrible loud laugh that’s been described as a cackle… So you are WARNED!!! I’m a natural HUGER… So don’t be surprised when I squeeze you :-) Most people call me Tess (it’s actually Tessa but I lost my “A” a long time ago so it’s slowly become Tess and I’m ok with that!!!). I’m the owner and primary photographer at Tess Ann Photography. My husband and I live in South East Florida with our wild, ticklish and well photographed toddler, Ronan Alexander. 

My love of photography started while I lived overseas in Ireland. With the forty shades of green, I found such rich opportunity and a slower paced life that only fueled my photography further.  I’m now back stateside and quite frankly feel naked without my gear in tow!!

My job as a photographer is to capture precious moments. Many staged, and many impromptu, but candids are truly my favorite and most memorable. I believe every photograph should be as special as the ones in it.


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